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Hope Cove Weekend
August Bank Holiday 2022


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The Hope Cove Weekend stalls are a big part of the festivities offering a range of items for sale as well as food and beverages.
Check out the stall listings below

Listed stalls are subject to change.

Stall Holders

Please note the days on which the stall holders are present over the weekend.

HCW Reusable Cups

Raffle Draw

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Hope Cove Weekend Stall

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
As part of a drive for sustainability, and to decrease the use of single use plastic  for HCW 2022 the Committee have purchased HCW branded clear plastic pint tumblers.  These will be on sale at £1 each throughout HCW at our stall between the Hope and Anchor and The Cove and will be the only means of purchasing a drink in those establishments, where they will be accepted. This will not only reduce the use of single use plastic, but also get rid of the need for those establishments to charge a deposit on their own plastic glasses as in previous years.  They will also be a handy and reusable souvenir of Hope Cove Weekend.
Our ever popular Raffle Draw tickets will be on sale over the weekend.

Lots of great raffle prizes to be won.

Priced at £1 per ticket - £5 per book.
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Two Bare Feet

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Two Bare Feet has roots going back to 1994. The original high street store opened in the heart of the English Riviera, Torquay, on the South Devon coast; Catering for the needs of the local residents and visiting action and adventure sports enthusiasts. Whether is was being the first to the high street with the latest trends, or sourcing the best new products, we may have altered our path but our goal has always been the same; To provide our customers with the best new gear, at unbeatable prices, allowing them to spend less and do more.
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Planet Warrior

Planet Warrior Ltd. We are an eco-brand based in Great Britain. We pride ourselves on products that help to combat plastic waste.

Planet Warrior has been awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark in recognition of championing the need to clean up our ocean’s plastic pollution through encouraging reduced use of plastic.
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The Bosko Bus

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
NOW DON'T GET IN A PICKLE, we don't mean that we will be serving up haggis sarnies... or was that what you were searching for? Our aim is to create food that gives back to an often forgotten part of us, OUR GUT. By developing creative foodie ideas to combine the tantalising taste trifecta, while giving our digestive system some fermented love so that in the long term our immune systems will be mightier than ever!

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The Spanish Crater Plate - Melange Ceramics

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Handmade and hand painted in southern Spain by Spanish artisans. A traditional Mediterranean tool made with a unique design that allows you to: grate, grind, zest, paste and puree your ingredients …. garlic, ginger, hard cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, spices and nuts.
A simple tool that does many, many jobs with the charm and culture from the mediterranean offering a distinctive look and feel.
Triple glazed and dishwasher safe.
Tel: 07791 121 063

Janet Clarke

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Coming soon
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Georgie Tyler

Beacon of Hope Designs was founded by Georgie Tyler, Hope Cove in February 2021, although Georgie has been creating art inspired by her life by the sea for many years. Beacon of Hope Designs brings together the colours of the coast in handmade resin and macrame pieces of artwork and homeware. Have a look at Beacon of Hope Design's social media to see what they create!
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Devon Wildlife Trust

Saturday, Monday
We have lost incredible amounts of our wildlife. Species which once thrived in Devon have gone; many others which were commonplace are now rare. We need urgent change. It is time to put nature into recovery. We need to restore what has been lost and we need to do this on a grand scale.
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Scorpia Swim

We’re a small, independent Devon-based swim gear business, created by swimmers, for swimmers. After months of designing the funkiest swim caps and kickboards around (we think so, anyway!), we officially launched our first ever collection in January 2022 and have been gradually adding more and more designs ever since. 

With our bright, and utterly unique swim gear, we’re all about injecting fun into swimming, whether that’s in the pool or in the sea.  We're delighted to be a part of Hope Cove Weekend and hope you love our products as much as we loved designing them!
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Paula Woodward

Saturday, Sunday
Jewellery designer and maker working with sea glass, dichroic glass and sterling silver
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Saturday, Sunday
The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. Powered primarily by kind donations, our search and rescue service has been saving lives for nearly 200 years. Here you can find out more about who we are, what we do and how with your support, we can move closer to a world where no one drowns.
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Chillio Fashions

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Feel good quality clothing at affordable prices ethically sourced from Thailand and Nepal
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Sunday, Monday
Simplicity at its best - the Turkish Hammam towel. Maavi has evolved from a love of all things Anatolian and from many years of living, breathing and working within the Turkish culture ourselves...
Our ethos is to search for the best quality alongside sustainability, with our continued support for the local artisans and weavers working within rural Anatolia. Each towel is crafted by small cooperatives and hand finished by local women, often working from their homes.
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Living in South West and enjoying Devon and it's beauty. Have a small business creating bespoke home and giftwares using the art of decoupage.

We can be found at a variety of local craft fairs and markets
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Hope Barton Barns

Do you long for a break in beautiful South Devon? You’re not the only one. Each year thousands long to rediscover the quaint rural dwellings of England, from Devon to Scotland, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide an out-of-bounds country haven, just a stones throw from the beautiful beaches of South Devon.
Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a chance to explore the picturesque South Devon countryside or are simply in pursuit of peace and bliss, Hope Barton Barns has what you seek.  
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Sunday, Monday
MOONWISHES are one of the first publishers who are founded on fairness hence we share all profits equally with our clients.
We are a community of artists, musicians and writers who believe in alleviating the suffering of innocent lives around us, mainly children and animals who are often unjustly treated in our world.
We specialise in publishing ethereal art, poetry & magical multimedia creations.
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Pink Wave Crafts

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Coming soon …….
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Coast & Country Cottages

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
At Coast & Country Cottages, our local team are passionate about South Devon!
We have over 500 self-catering holiday cottages located across South Devon including the famous harbour towns of Salcombe, Dartmouth, and the charming fishing village of Hope Cove. From romantic boltholes to large properties and luxury holiday homes with hot tubs, not to mention those that accept dogs, we have a range of humble abodes to suit your requirements.

Thinking of letting your property?

With over 20 years’ experience in holiday letting, our locally-based team are proud to offer expert knowledge, bespoke property management options and consistent year-round bookings.
Contact us today to find out about the award-winning support we could offer you.
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Frances Harriet Gifts

Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Nautical and Coastal homewares designed in Cornwall and inspired by the Southwest Coastline. Lots of local designs featuring the Salcombe Yawl, EPortlemouth Ferry, lifeboat, SD Icecream, the SSFerry, Winking Prawn, Cranch’s Sweet Shop and many more illustrations of holiday memories. I sell greetings cards, prints, yea towels, placemats, coasters, chopping boards and wash bags. All designed by myself and made sustainably in the UK.
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Devon Cove Spirits

Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Devon Cove create award-winning Cove Vodka and liqueurs using King Edward potatoes, lovingly grown on their family farm overlooking Hope Cove. Their copper pot, single distilled vodka is handcrafted in an artisan distillery, made only from the finest ingredients, to ensure its smooth, luxurious taste.

They have been growing quality Devon potatoes in the Atlantic sea air for over 50 years and they love them! After many discussions around the dinner table about the different ways you can cook and enjoy potatoes they decided to take things a step further and make potato vodka.

They found that using the finest Devon potatoes and Devon spring water combined with small batch traditional copper pot distillation creates a distinctly smooth and delicious vodka that captures the essence of our county. Who doesn’t love the sea and fresh home-grown food?

The very first batch of Cove Vodka was made from King Edward potatoes, grown in rich soil in fields overlooking Hope Cove, South Milton Sands and the renowned Burgh Island. The potatoes were harvested in September 2018 and Cove Vodka was born.

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Snooty Pig

We are a small & very local Farm with a wide range of animals on our farm, We serve succulent home rearer pork served in a freshly baked rolls with the choice of stuffing, apple sauce and of course not forgetting crackling!
We offer a wide range of different Crepe Desserts with our very own blend of Crepe mix. We have a selection of very popular ingredients on offer for you to choose from.
We have a true passion for hospitality with over 60 years experience between us.

Hope cove is a special Weekend! Having many generations in the village and being part of it for many many years, It really is amazing to see everyone coming together and we look forward to seeing you there!
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The Cove Bar & BBQ

A chance to sample a great variety award winning craft beers on tap as well as a wide range of bottled ales. In addition 'The Cove' is cooking up sumptuous BBQ offerings over the weekend.
What's not to love?
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Tides of Teal

Every piece is handmade with care and lovingly crafted in my little attic studio in Wellington, Somerset, UK. I have tried many crafts over the years, but nothing felt like ‘the one’, until one day I saw a wall of ocean paintings in our local emporium and something just clicked, I was like “oh I can just ONLY make the ocean”.
Later, a friend showed me a video of someone making oceans from resin and I knew instantly I had to have a go! Two mini bottles of resin (part A & part B) and some acrylic paint later, I was hooked!
Mixing the two fluid parts together causes a chemical reaction, making the liquid turn to solid. Whilst in its fluid state you can manipulate the resin to create all sorts of effects, such as the lacing and cells which replicate the view of a crashing wave from above.
The fluid nature of resin means each piece is completely unique and individual, with workmanship that you will be proud to display in your home for years to come.